A downloadable game for Windows

Hello everyone,

today i present you the game: Osira and the Temple of Light! 

You are playing the little child Osira who finds herself trapped in an ancient temple dedicated to the divine light. To escape, she must redirect lights using mirrors to open up pathways and doors to her freedom.

So this game was made for the mirror game jam. Everything (except the music and most of the sound effects) was made by me in a window of 14 Days due to me being a week late for the jam (ofc. i couldn't work on it every day and only for a couple of hours every day). It's pretty buggy and doesn't look nor sound very good but i think it has potential and i hope you think that too! (Please let me know what you think!)


I'd recommend using a controller but you still need your mouse to navigate the main menu!

Walking - WASD / Left Analog Stick

Jumping - Space / (X) / (A)

Picking up a mirror - E / ([   ]) / (X)

Placing a mirror - ^

Turning on the spot (only while holding a mirror) - Shift / R1 / RB

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract it. Inside you will find a .exe file. This is the game. The game has very little testing done (due to this being a game jam game) so i hope it will work on your machine.


WAIT UNTIL YOU CLICK ON PLAY UNTIL YOU HEAR THE MUSIC PLAY FOR A SEC OR TWO ignoring this could lead to a bug (see Knwon bugs & fixes)

- Play on the highest quality in windowed mode. (Reason: Currently there is no way to quit the game normaly (unless you are in the main menu.)) Although the game is easy to just Alt + Tab you may experience problems with that so be warned.

- There is no sound menu so use the windows sound mixer or your headphone / speaker volume controls


- I hear sound but nothing happens -> Alt + Tab, close the game and restart it.                   - The light effects flicker -> No fix, sorry :(                                                                                                   - How do i quit the game? -> Alt + Tab and close it. (Or you beat it and use the quit option from the main menu)                                                                                                                                 - Main Menu loads but nothing happens when i press play -> Spam the position where the play button used to be.


Osira and the Temple of Light.zip 22 MB